Language Audit

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Language Audit is a thorough investigation of the linguistic needs of an organization to assist organizations in identifying their strengths and weaknesses in communication in a foreign language. A language audit maps the organizational language needs at the strategic level to help define a linguistic policy for the organization. Language audits also work at the operational level to identify the existing and needed linguistic skills and resources of each department. The audit will also include information as to what the cost in time, human resources, training, and finance will be to accomplish the linguistic goals. Management can use this information to allocate resources appropriately for staffing, hiring, and promoting.

To help organizations develop and implement a foreign language policy, TransCultures language auditors and consultants deliver detailed reports with recommendations about how to implement new policies to increase language competency. Increasing language competency will facilitate interaction, communication, and greater understating of clients, prospects, and business partners who speak a foreign language. Our language auditors draft reports to propose an organizational language policy and provide recommendations to understand, inform, and engage clients and partners who might speak a foreign language. TransCultures provides expert solutions to maximize the organizational competency in a multicultural and global environment and enhance the organizational performance in foreign language speaking markets and territories.










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