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Maroc Traduction is the leading Morocco interpretation services company. Maroc Traduction provides Morocco with interpretation services in person, over the phone and using Video Remote interpreting technology to help clients from different fields communicate accurately and effectively in Morocco and around the globe. From our headquarters in Morocco, our interpreters help our clients communicate with people from around the World in over 140 languages. As Morocco’s leading translation and interpretation company, Maroc Traduction provides, Conference Interpreters, Medical Interpreters, and legal interpreters for any event or appointment in Morocco.

Our Conference Interpreters cover some of Morocco’s largest global events, from conferences, to trade shows to global political events, Maroc Traduction helps Morocco communicate with the World confidently. Our Conference Interpreters work in many modes including simultaneous Interpretation, Consecutive Interpretation, Chouchoutage, and Sight Translation to transmit your messages to audiences seamlessly.

Our Legal Interpreters provide Morocco courts and law firms with ability to communicate accurately and effectively in over 140 languages. Whether you need legal interpreters in Morocco for your court hearing, or interpretation services for your immigration interview, or preparing your client for litigation, Maroc Traduction helps some of Morocco’s top law firms everyday with their translation and interpretation needs. Our interpreters play a crucial role in bridging the language gap for with your Limited English Proficiency clients within the legal system to provide equal and equitable access to justice.

Our Medical interpreters are carefully vetted and undergo a rigorous trainings to ensure a high mastery of medical and pharmaceutical terminologies and procedures. Maroc Traduction works with some of best hospitals in the Morocco-land area to help healthcare providers communicate and treat patients across cultures and from around the World. Our Medically trained interpreters are HIPAA compliant and adhere to the industry’s code of conduct in terms of privacy, advocacy. cultural knowledge and cultural brokerage.

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